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The Civil Air Patrol (CAP) has been a key element of the Candy Bomber story from the earliest days of Colonel Halvorsen’s flying career. Shortly after the Civil Air Patrol was organized during the early days of WWII, Gail joined CAP as a pilot to sharpen his flying skills in preparation to entering the US Army Air Corps. He has been involved with CAP programs ever since by participating in multiple CAP activities. In 2014, Gail was one of the recipients of the Congressional Gold Medal honoring the early members of CAP for their wartime volunteer service. In 2016, a group of CAP members in Utah organized the Gail S. Halvorsen Aviation Education Foundation with Gail as a founding director. The mission of the Foundation is to promote the Candy Bomber story to future generations and to encourage interest in aviation. While the Gail S. Halvorsen Aviation Education Foundation and CAP are separate legal entities, they share a common interest: to help children gain a passion for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines.

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Civil Air Patrol

The Foundation

The Gail S. Halvorsen Aviation Education Foundation was formed in 2016 by a group of community-minded volunteers who seek to perpetuate the great legacy of The Candy Bomber story.
Civil Air Patrol

Civil Air Patrol

Civil Air Patrol is an organization of airmen dedicated to serving our country. Click below to discover how Civil Air Patrol and the Foundation work together for the benefit of our communities.