Airlift/Tanker Association Hall of Fame Honorarium

Annual Airlift/Tanker Association Convention

In October, 2022, members of the Airlift/Tanker Association (A/TA) met near Denver, CO, for a two day conference. Hundreds of young military women and men were joined by their leaders for seminars, comradery and the celebrating of several stellar individuals.

Colonel Halvorsen passed away in February ’22, and was remembered and honored again as a 1999 Hall of Fame recipient at this conference.

His story was highlighted during the final banquet by General McNabb, the keynote speaker, and through a beautiful film montage that was shown during the meal:


Halvorsen’s daughter, Denise Williams, delivered a touching speech, thanking military members for their service on behalf of her father.

An unveiling of Halvorsen’s likeness in a bronze bust was greeted with a standing ovation.

Ingrid Azvedo giving Colonel Halvorsen’s likeness a kiss of gratitude

The Colonel Gail S. Halvorsen Award

A heroic young man, named Tech. Sgt. Colton L. Webber, was awarded the Gail S. Halvorsen award for his magnanimous efforts at the time of the final military evacuation from Afghanistan.

Tech. Sgt. Colton L. Webber, with his parents, members of the Halvorsen family, and Lorene Moore and Jim Stewart from the Halvorsen Foundation

Panel at A/TA Honoring Colonel Halvorsen

One of the seminars included a panel of women and a moderator personally connected with Colonel Halvorsen. Mike Cassidy, Colonel USAF (retired) and member of the Airlift/Tanker Association board of advisors, organized and moderated the panel. The speakers were Halvorsen’s daughter, Denise H. Williams, his granddaughter, Rachael W. Spencer, and one of the original “Berlin Kids,” Ingrid Azvedo. Tim Chopp, pilot of the “Spirit of Freedom” and long-time friend of Colonel Halvorsen presented his portion of the panel virtually.

The  three women shared about Colonel Halvorsen in a personal way that resonated with those in the audience who wished to come to know him better. These women were also on site selling books they’ve written about Colonel Halvorsen.

Books available about Halvorsen

Video of the Panel Presentation

Halvorsen Foundation Booth

The Halvorsen Foundation, in connection with the Civil Air Patrol, had a beautiful booth set up in the newly named Gail S. Halvorsen Exhibit Hall.

Members of the Foundation worked tirelessly throughout the days of the convention to connect with interested donors who are committed to help raise the needed funds to grow the Foundation and accomplish its outreach goals.

From left to right: Margie Stewart, Jim Stewart, Rachael Spencer, Denise Williams, Brig. General Regina Aye, Robert Moore, Lorene Moore, Robert Monson, Susan Mallet, and Steve Holmes.


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