2023 Bear River High School Veterans Day/ Art Against Walls

Today there was an assembly held at the Bear River High School in Garland Utah to celebrate Veteran’s Day. Colonel Gail Halvorsen’s story was highlighted by three of his children, Brad, Denise and Marilyn.

Huge mural on a building in downton Tremonton, UT, dedicated to the memory of Gail S. Halvorsen, Berlin Candy Bomber







Bear River High School graduate Gail Halvorsen is the world-famous Berlin Candy Bomber and was remembered at today’s Veteran’s Day Assembly for his kindness to post-war Berlin during the Berlin Airlift.


Art against walls is a collaborative project between the Halvorsen Schule in Berlin and Bear River High School. Students built replicas of the walls in their respective schools and tore them down in a show of solidarity against hate, segregation, and taking away other people’s freedom.

Please see below videos of the three Halvorsen siblings speaking to the students of Bear River High School:

Denise Halvorsen Williams

Marilyn Halvorsen Sorensen

Brad Halvorsen

The program was outlined as follows in the assembly for the entire high school, grades 10-12:

1-Presentation of the colors and an introduction of the veterans present, who said their names and where they served.

2-The band played the well-known medley of the Armed Forces theme songs

3-A history teacher gave a brief introduction to the Berlin Airlift and why the Berlin Wall was built

4-An art teacher talked about the Berlin Wall art project in conjunction with the Halvorsen Schule

5-The Halvorsen siblings spoke

6-The student council dropped candy parachutes from the catwalk above the auditorium


It was a wonderful program enjoyed by all—educational, respectful, and celebratory.

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